Our story

We’ve long been trusted to provide nannying services to families, who would ask us for advice about extra-curricular activities.
This made us realise that there is a great demand among parents to find enriching activities outside classroom hours. We were inspired to fill this gap in the market, feeling that we could most definitely offer something very special. We aim to both fulfil the requirements of parents – and to provide fun interactive sessions for children.
We are now a well-esteemed and popular small after school and holiday provision for young people, fully accredited and supported by Ofsted. We place both safety and stimulating activities at the heart of our establishment.
What makes us unique and even more desirable, is that we provide a bilingual approach to learning. This has a huge benefit for children from a variety of backgrounds in a multicultural city.


Our philosophy

Kids’ Hub London complements your children’s formal education, offering an alternative and creative learning experience. We provide children with opportunities to have fun, build relationships and explore the world around them in a friendly, bilingual and safe environment.
We encourage children to develop positive attitudes towards life’s journey.  Through the activities we organise, we endeavour to help children cultivate a love of learning and positive self-esteem – as well as the confidence to accept challenges, problem-solve and assume responsibility. We place great importance on outdoor learning, creativity and collaboration.
We are passionate about the advantages of early language learning and are thrilled to be able to offer a fully bilingual environment (English/ French). We feel fortunate to live in such a linguistically and culturally diverse city and consider exposure to different languages from a young age to be an enriching experience for all.


Sarah Letifi, Director of Kids’ Hub London
European Bachelor Degree in Marketing (DESSMA)
Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Young People’s Workforce.

Coming from a large and happy family with two hardworking parents, I quickly learnt how to take responsibility. From the age 15, I was offering my babysitting services to my neighbours. Soon after, I worked as play worker during the summer in France. I have also supported children with their homework and provided home and centre tuition for children aged 6 to 12 years old.
In 2009, following my degree in Marketing, I decided to fly to London for a whole new exciting adventure. Thanks to my reliability, organisation skills and my wide experience with children, I worked as a French teaching assistant before qualifying as French classroom teacher in a bilingual setting. I have since expanded my experience by working in a variety of French schools across London.
As the Director of Kids’ Hub London, my responsibilities include :

  • Recruiting other talented teachers/ play workers
  • in collaboration with the team
  • Working in partnership with parents to provide and enjoyable experience for their children.



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